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After many independent Wyllie trials we came to conclusion that Wyllie Drafts is a very dangerous program for your computer.  His programmer; Roberto Waldteufel is also not an honest man, (he was paid for his program, after numerous nice and polite tries to contact him to get the program we paid for, everything failed... he never bothered to send a correct version after he agreed he will do it, ( for an extra 5$ for shipping and handling we offered him ) he received money and nothing was sent, what an' honest' & 'fine' individual... ) his program is very dangerous for your computer's memory, all the memory,
be very, very careful, independent studies confirm Wyllie Drafts can damage your computer, the OS ( operatins system ) and all the functions, it will slow the computer big time and then some... It requires over 512 RAM for databases. It's not a recommended program. It's very dangerous. It can also affect your motherboard...
IT WILL Shot down the system. That's a tragedy. So if you feel like enjoying reinstalling your OS and all the programs, be our guest.
And you dont want that to happen... There are other stronger and better
programs on the market !!! It's your computer, it's part of your life..

By Computer Checkers (Analysts) staff; G. Cvikla, Z. Pance, Ann P., M.W.
- We have our now own checkers software and exciting 6x6 checkers !!!
NOT !!!!!!!!