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 Chess Trivia
By Bill Hyde Meet the Masters! Trivia Challenge #3 (with answers)
Everything you (n)ever wanted to know about the chess world!

(51) Who beat Bobby Fischer for the world title?

(a) Boris Spassky

(b) Anatoly Karpov

(c) Garry Kasparov

(d) Alexander Khalifman

(e) none of the above

Answer (e) Karpov, as winner of the candidates cycle, was awarded the title in 1975 when Fischer and FIDE couldn’t settle their differences.

(52) Spassky won game two of his match with Fischer in
how many moves?

(a) 41

(b) 0

(c) 62

(d) 17

(e) 31

Answer (b) Fischer did not show up for the game.

(53) Botvinnik defended his world title five times. Of
these matches he won:

(a) none

(b) one

(c) two

(d) three

(e) four

Answer (a) He drew two (Bronstein and Smyslov) and lost three (Smyslov again, Tal, Petrosian). But he won both of his return matches! (Smyslov and Tal)

(54) Perennial US champion Sammy Reshevsky was born in 1911.
He played in his first master level chess tournament in:

(a) 1935

(b) 1933

(c) 1927

(d) 1922

(e) 1916

Answer (d)

(55) The most draws in any world championship match occurred in

(a) Lasker-Schlechter

(b) Petrosian-Spassky I

(c) Petrosian-Spassky II

(d) Karpov-Kasparov I

(e) Karpov-Kortchnoi I

Answer (d) Forty draws and eight decisive games!

(56) Prior to their world championship match, Fischer had
won how many games from Spassky?

(a) 0

(b) 1

(c) 2

(d) 3

(e) 4

Answer (a)

(57) In the late 1970s the Soviets had a policy of boycotting
all international tournaments in which the following GM played:

(a) Bobby Fischer

(b) Boris Gulko

(c) Patrick Wolff

(d) Victor Korchnoi

(e) Jan Timman

Answer (d) Korchnoi was a famous defector from the USSR. (Gulko later joined him, but at this point he was still in the USSR.)

(58) Which of the following World Champions was the only one to win an unshared
first prize in an international tournament while holding the title?

(a) Machgielis (Max) Euwe

(b) Vasily Smyslov

(c) Mikhail Tal

(d) Tigran Petrosian

(e) Bobby Fischer.

Answer (a) Euwe, at Bad Nauheim-Stuttgart-Garmish 1937, ahead of Alexander Alekhine. Believe it or not, none of the others won a tournament while they held the title.

(59) Who has scored the highest lifetime total of
victories in top level international tournaments?

(a) Alekhine

(b) Fischer

(c) Lasker

(d) Kasparov

(e) Karpov

Answer (e) Karpov has accumulated close to 150 tournament wins, mostly in the 10 years after he became world champion in 1975.

(60) As a young man World Champion Smyslov was torn between
two career options. As well as a chess player he
seriously considered becoming:

(a) a mathematician

(b) an engineer

(c) an artist

(d) a sculptor

(e) an opera singer.

Answer (e)

(61) Which of the following world champions did not earlier
win the world junior championship?

(a) Garry Kasparov

(b) Anatoly Karpov

(c) Bobby Fischer

(d) Boris Spassky

(e) none of the above.

Answer (c) I guess he didn’t think it was worth entering.

(62) Which of these players was forced to flee his
homeland (or at least found it to be the prudent move)?

(a) Emanuel Lasker

(b) Salo Flohr

(c) Alexander Alekhine

(d) Garry Kasparov

(e) All of the above.

Answer (e) It’s a bit of a theme in quiz #3 to let
people know that chess players have sometimes had rather
interesting - or unpleasant - experiences away from the board.

(63) The second citizen of the UK to hold the Grandmaster
title was:

(a) Raymond Keene

(b) C.H. O’D. Alexander

(c) Anthony Miles

(d) Michael Stean

(e) J. H. Blackburne

Answer (c) Trick question!

(64) The first citizen of the UK to hold the Grandmaster
title was

(a) Wilhelm Steintiz

(b) C. H. O’D. Alexander

(c) Harry Golombek

(d) Jacques Mieses

(e) Anthony Miles

Answer (d) I remember being rather surprised when I learned
this. I had no idea he took out citizenship. It’s amusing
that a man whose first name was French and second name Austrian
lived in Germany but became a British citizen. Actually,
that would be a good question, would it not? "What player..."

(65) Which of these world champions defeated the first challenger for
his title?

(a) Capablanca

(b) Tal

(c) Fischer

(d) Smyslov

(e) Petrosian

Answer (e) Petrosian does get underestimated.

(66) In what year did Euwe become the World Champion?

(a) 1900

(b) 1933

(c) 1935

(d) 1937

(e) Euwe never became world champion

Answer (c)

(67) In what year did Geller become world champion?

(a) 1948

(b) 1951

(c) 1953

(d) 1962

(e) Geller never became world champion

Answer (e) Just checking for those who are awake! Although he never played a match for the world championship, the Soviet player Efim Geller had plus scores (more wins than losses) against almost every world champion he played.

(68) From the inception of the title in 1886 until the disputes
of 1993, how many people were world champion?

(a) 6

(b) 13

(c) 15

(d) 9

(e) 47

Answer (b) Note the weaseling-out of the current problems... 1. Steinitz, 2. Lasker, 3. Capablanca, 4.Alekhine, 5. Euwe, 6. Botvinnik, 7. Smyslov, 8. Tal, 9. Petrosian, 10. Spassky, 11. Fischer, 12. Karpov, 13. Kasparov

(69) Ruben Fine won the US championship in:

(a) 1936

(b) 1948

(c) 1950

(d) 1952

(e) Ruben Fine never won the US championship.

Answer (e) Heck, it still surprises me. Despite being one of the top two or three players in the world Fine never won the US Championship. (Usually thwarted by Reshevsky.)

(70) Who was the youngest person ever to win the world

(a) Tal

(b) Smyslov

(c) Capablanca

(d) Kasparov

(e) Rubinstein

Answer (d) At 22 years of age.

(71) Which player won the least games while world champion?

(a) Petrosian

(b) Euwe

(c) Capablanca

(d) Fischer

(e) Smyslov

Answer (d) Zero! Fischer played not a single serious game between winning the title in 1972 and 1975.

(72) The first Western player to win a FIDE-sponsored match against
a Soviet Grandmaster was:

(a) Euwe

(b) Fischer

(c) Reshevsky

(d) Fine

(e) Larsen

Answer (e) Against Geller.

(73) How many times has Korchnoi qualified for the
final Candidates match in his remarkable career?

(a) Once

(b) Twice

(c) Thrice

(d) Four times

(e) Five times

Answer (d) Incredible. 1968 (lost to Spassky), 1974 (lost to Karpov, later made a world championship match retroactively), and the two he won.

(74) The first citizen of the United Kingdom to play
a match for the world championship was:

(a) Mikhail Tchigorin

(b) J. H. Blackburne

(c) Henry Bird

(d) Isidor Gunsberg

(e) Nigel Short

Answer (d) Moved to the UK while very young, naturalized.

(75) In the late 19th century G.H.D Gossip wrote a huge opening book titled "The Chessplayer’s Manual." Which opening received the most attention?

(a) The Ruy Lopez

(b) The King’s Gambit

(c) The Giuoco Piano

(d) The Sicilian Defense

(e) The Queen’s Gambit

Answer (b) This exciting, attacking opening received a whopping 120 pages. Now it is rarely played and the newest opening tomes give it a half-dozen pages at most.

(76) When did Botvinnik play his first match for the
world title?

(a) 1947

(b) 1938

(c) 1962

(d) 1954

(e) 1951

Answer (e) Against David Bronstein. Botvinnik won the title in the "match-tournament" of 1948 against Smyslov, Keres, Reshevsky, and Euwe.

(77) When did Fischer (born 1943) first play in a Candidates event?

(a) 1953

(b) 1956

(c) 1959

(d) 1962

(e) 1965

Answer (c)

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