Dear Readers... Previously I wrote that Rocky Marciano's true amateur record was 9-4 (with 8 knockouts, I was correct on that) but over time I found some extra information. It turns out Rocky's True Amateur Record is 10-4 (with 8 knockouts).

Rocky fought these boxing martial artists: 


·         April 15, 1946 - Henry Lester, L DQ 3

·         (Henry Lester was a three time Golden Gloves champion)


·         1946 National Junior AAU Heavyweight Championship in Portland, Oregon:

o    Aug 22 - Frederic Ross, KO 1

o    Aug 23 - Richard Jarvis, KO 1

o    Aug 23 -  Joe DeAngelis, L 3

·         Jan 11, 1947 - Lou Thrasher, KO 1


·         1947 Massachusetts State Amateur Heavyweight Championship in Boston, Massachusetts:

o    Jan 17 - Jim Connolly, KO 1

o    Jan 17 - Bob Girard, L 3


·         1948 Massachusetts/Rhode Island Golden Gloves Heavyweight Championship in Lowell, Massachusetts:

o    Feb 2 - Dan Solomont, TKO 1

o    Feb 9 - Charles Mortimer, KO 3


·         1948 New England Tournament of Champions in Lowell, Massachusetts:

o    Feb 17 - Ralph Piscopo, W - DQ (Piscopo didn't show up)

o    Feb 18 - George McInnis, TKO 1


·         1948 All Eastern Coast Golden Gloves Championship in Brooklyn, New York:

o    Mar 1 - Coley Wallace, L 3 (Split Decisioon - Should have been Draw)


·         1948 New England AAU Heavyweight Championship in Boston, Massachusetts:

o    Mar 22 - Sal Fichera, KO 3

o    Mar 22 - George McInnis - W 3



According to some sources, Marciano knocked out Joe Sidlaskis in the first round on Candlemas Day February 2 1948, as part of the Massachusetts/Rhode Island Golden Gloves Tournament. However, Victor Sidlaskas, not Joe Sidlaskis, competed in the novice section, while Marciano fought in the open section.

According to some sources Sal Fichera is listed as Fred Fischera and George McInnis as George McGinnis.

Marciano was about to compete for the Olympic Trials but he broke his hand. His fights against Fichera and McInnis have incorrectly been reported as being part of the Olympic Trials.